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Holographic tamper evident material
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SECUTEKTM 11P201 is a 25 microns holographic partial transfer low residue VOID tamper evident label material. It reveals a hidden message “VOID” on lift security label and the application surface after removal is attempt.  

This permanent damage can’t be returned as before and shows obvious evidence of any unauthorized opening. It deters stolen and manipulation continuance.




25 microns transparent PET film


Holographic rainbow

Hidden Message

VOID, size:3mmH X 11mmW



Release Liner

80g/m2 white glassine paper

Transfer Type

Partial transfer low residue

Max Width


Max Length



Special Top Coating

-       Good for offset printing, rotary printing, thermal transfer

-       Make top printing more clear and bright

-       Make top printing resist against scratch and solvent

Unique Adhesive Formulations

-       Good tamper evident performance on different surfaces

-       Perfect protection for products in different applied conditions

-       Excellent for security labels die cut and automation labeling 


Suitable for sealing on smooth paper, metal, glass, wood, plastic and treatment PE/PP bags.

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