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SECUTEK is worldwide famous for tamper proof solutions with excellent properties
even applied at 10,000 meters height

SECUTEK is professional in tamper proof solutions, help customers enhance products identification and safety, and improve product branding. SECUTEK products are range of tamper evident void label printing materials, destructible papers, security tapes, security bags, water contact indicating materials and other special multi-technologies security label printing materials. SECUTEK products are widely used in electronic industry, banks, transport, government, construction, health care, education and so on.

SECUTEK growing history

1985 SECUTEK established, major manufacture tamper evident materials and security tapes.

1999 SECUTEK added new production line, professional in producing destructible materials. Since then, SECUTEK created a lot kinds of widely used destructible label materials. Nowadays, SECUTEK is the biggest manufacturer of destructible label materials with most kinds and widely used in the world.

2003 SECUTEK invested large funds and equipments to produce security bags and security envelopes. Till today, SECUTEK have manufactured a lot kinds of security bags and security envelopes with leading technologies for different fileds, such as banks, governments and transportations and etc.. SECUTEK is a global professional manufacturer of security bags and security envelopes recoganized international. 

2005 SECUTEK got certificates of ISO9001 and ISO14001.

2007 SECUTEK established a branch company in Kunshan.

2011 SECUTEK eastablished a branch company in Israel.

2012 SECUTEK eastablished a branch company in Malaysia.

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