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Financial Institutions

SECUTEK Tamper-proof solutions help the financial institutions solve a series safety problems about funds and properties, such as banks and insurance companies, to ensure the security of the material possessions.

Cash carton boxes

SECUTEK serial number security tapes are major used on the cash boxes to protect the cashes inside to avoid stolen. It will show a obvious evidence of any unauthorized opening.

ATM boxes

ST non transfer security labels offer a excellent tamper proof performance on the ATM cash boxes. Once the ATM boxes opened, the security label will be destroyed and show a hidden message immediatly. SECUTEK non transfer security labels are writable, easiliy to depositor, turn banknotes and payees to sign and take notes on.

Cashes, checks and insurance documents

SECUTEK tamper evident security bags are the best solution to secure the cashes, coins, checks, insurance documents and important confidential documents.

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