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Security Bag Tapes

SECUTEKTM security bag sealing tapes are speciallied for treatment PE/PP security bags and security envelopes. For different application ways to seal the tamper evident security bag tapes, SECUTEK supplies different kinds of tamper proof security tapes, such as security film without glue, single side self-adhesion security tapes and double sided security tapes. You would choose a most suitable tamper evidence security bag tape for your special security bags and security envelopes production.

SECUTEKTM tamper evident ecurity bag tapes can be customized for special requirements, which including:
- size, color and security hidden message
- imprint/topprint with LOGO and text
- professional adhesive formulation for special application surface to be a perfect tamper evident performance

For further information about tamper evident security bag tapes, please contact SECUTEK sales team at or 0086 135 0285 7099.

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